Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Friends are a Blessing

 Remember how I told you I met two wonderful ladies here on the net? Well besides Kim Kohler, through Michelle she also introduced me to three more special ladies that I have grown to love as well..this internet thing seems to be a nice path to follow and bring new friendship together. Sure I have some solid friendships in my life that are pure gold, besides my wonderful family, I have some true blue friendships with Joanne Z, Kimberly H, Rose R., and dear Sharon, and Josee, you all know how special you are to me.  I just think it's kind of cool to feel a connection with people in other parts of the world that you never would meet had it not be for this modern invention.
So here's to Chris, Joann, and Miss Piggy..ha ha love her nickname!
I must say a shout to my sweet friend Cathy over in Washington too..thank you ladies for sharing our path in friendship♥
My old friend Brian V. had a sayin'...
Make new friends, but keep the old.
New friends are silver, but old friends are gold
I feel like all my friends here are Gold ♥

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