Friday, 15 March 2013

Fun Stuff with Kim Kohler

I just had the most fun, using Kim Kohler's patterns..I made two dolls, Chloe Rabbit in the photo at the bottom of the page here and Felix the Cat..I just love working with other artist patterns at times for a few reasons. One it keeps me on my toes and breaks it up a bit, and two I end up learning so much from doing things in a different's like going to school for an art class. Some people think if your a designer you have to work with your own ideas, not so in my books. It's just like with song writing, I don't just want to listen to our own music we create, sometimes playing covers of a good song is dang cool too! A cool song is a cool song, just like an awesome design is too. So I highly recommend finding a few different artists to learn from...You won't believe how much you'll learn and to top it off, what a great way to bring a new joy into your life. Click on the Rabbit photo and it'll take you straight to Kim's site to see some pretty awesome eye candy..and the best part, if you like to make can purchase a pattern well your at it!