Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Dream

Well Hello to all who stop by for a visit,

My name is Karyn and it's been a  long awaited dream for me to be here , well at least I consider 30 years to be a long time. I started making dolls and clothing designs at an early age and from there it evolved to teddy bears. I'm so excited that I finally took the plunge and started selling my own original mohair patterns this year. All the critters I design are always made with the finest German mohair, glass eyes, and excelsior (wood wool) Unless  I'm inspired to make one from vintage fabric, that really tickles my fancy too.As you will come to find, I love designing outfits for the critters too.

 I must say I have two beautiful people I met through the internet and have become close friends that inspired me to get to this point. Kim Kohler of Veenas Mercantile (I just love her nickname Veena) she is the reason I took the leap of  faith into the pattern world. I think she got sick of me talking about it and gave me that little warm nudge of pushing me out into this wonderful crazy world.  I wouldn't be here had I not seen her designs. I was so captivated with her creations, that after ignoring the doll world for a few years, just one look and I was hooked. Her designs are  the most unique classy primitive dolls you will find on the net to date.I enjoy her friendship and maybe one day we will meet in person. It really doesn't matter though, that's what modern technology has brought friendships and I wouldn't change a thing.♥

 Now Handcrafted Teddy Bears by Michelle is another lovely sweetheart I met here as well. It is so awesome how the internet made it possible to meet each other. We have had the pleasure of meeting  both her and her husband Darren in person.  Such lovely souls who only live about an hour or so away from us. She feels like family and like I've known her for years. Michelle has become one of my closet friends.Now had it not been for her bears, I don't think I would have got back into the bear world. Her creations inspired me so much  to get back into the swing of things. Her bears I swear have an old soul personality that pull you in, to the point you just giggle with delight!

 So because of these two woman  who are beautiful and talented , they are both the reasons I am making my bears and patterns. So I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart ♥

 So that's it, in a nutshell why I'm here, however a lot of my creativity comes from living with...
 My husband Jeff , we live in a house built in's been 26 years of bliss in this old painted lady. We have surrounded ourselves with a huge collection of vintage goodies and a few cats. We love anything vintage, especially toys and I guess since most of our cats are older now, we consider them vintage too!
Between the two of us, we are constantly coming up with ideas for the patterns and such.

Jeff is very creative and makes accessories for the bears, such as baby buggies, trucks, and wagons. They're made straight out of his imagination,  he never starts out with a pattern. He cuts them out of vintage cardboard, seems to be the only stuff that holds up well. Do you remember Vinyl records?..Well that's Jeff, he has a serious hoarding problem..His  record collection exceeds over 4000, we've lost count.The ones that have a missing record become a art creation for the bears or just a vintage style toy of memories from the past.

We are both artist in many areas, we draw, paint, write, and record our songs. We recorded 2 albums. One of the things he does best besides play his bass like no other is Johnny Cash...I've seen woman cry when he sings a Cash song. He's modest though and is really kind of shy at times.
But we're not here to promote our music, I think we're past that stage in our life, that road is very hard on the body as you get older. Now we spend our free time with our three grandsons. Trey is 6, Tripp is 3, and baby Jett is 8 months.Besides teaching them to play instruments, grandpa plays, guitar,bass,drums,banjo,piano and harmonica, I've been teaching Trey how to make bears, Tripp would love to learn too, but he's not quite there yet...Oh but they sure love to bake with that's one of my hoarding problems..over 500 cookbooks. I just feel the need to be creative in some way shape or form on a daily basis. I truely feel like I'll go crazy if I don't get my daily fix.

We own and operate our own tree trimming business, so after a hard days work, coming home to be creative seems a must to keep us both sane.
So I hope you join our journey as we take you through an abundance of creativity for some pleasant eye candy. I promise to post many photos.
As Jeff and I create we will be sure to post our items here  for your eyes first before we list them in our etsy shop or on ebay.
We look forward to making our daily visits.


  1. Awwww...I don't know what to say! Thank you so very much dear friend. You're very sweet!

    Good luck with your blog and I'm never too far away should you need some help with it!

  2. Your very welcome♥ It comes easy to speak the truth!..Friend indeed♥

  3. Karyn ♥ You are my sweetest GF on the net!! I treasure seeing you and all of our writings... You brighten my days when I see you. I am so blessed to be able to call you my friend ♥ And a very talented one at that!!

    I am always here to help ♥ Love Love Your New Blog! :-)

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you Kim for your delightful made my day too♥ Especially coming from such a talented person as you♥.Here's to Gold Friendships!